CinemaBox not working

Cinema Box is a very loving app that is perfect for you if you love movies anytime, anywhere. This is one app that is one of the most downloaded apps and satisfies all the demands of the users. It is a free app that provides HD pictures and all the latest movies and television series. There is no log in details needed, and you can download CinemaBox on your Android or iOS devices and even on your PC. But in spite of all these facilities, we are grieved to say that, even this app is not perfect and the users face a lot of issues while using it.  To help those unfortunate users, we have thought of sharing some Cinema Box not working issues to help you to solve the problems yourselves.

An Error Encountered While Loading This Movie

This is one of the most common and most annoying issues that the users may face quite often. Here is the process to deal with it:

  • First, go to settings > Time on your mobile device.
  • After that change the time to 01-01-2015 and save it.
  • Now change ‘automatic time/date update’ setting.

We hope this will work for the app and you will get a hassle free service.

CinemaBox not working issues
CinemaBox not Working Issues

Can’t play link

This is another issue that is stubbornly there to affect your mood while you are ready for your favorite movies and shows.

  • First of all shutdown this app on your device.
  • Next turn off mobile data (3G/4G/Edge).
  • Now turn off your Wi-Fi radio.
  • Then run the app without a data connection.
  • Finally turn on 3G or Wi-Fi for data and play a video.

Everything should work fine now.

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Can not turn off/on subtitles in Cinema Box

This is comparatively an easy problem to solve. Just follow the steps, and the issue will be done.

  • First, click or touch the ‘CC’ on the control panel at the bottom of the video.
  • Then immediately it will show a quick settings popup where you can turn CC on or off and choose a language for subtitles.

Its done!


Hope this tutorial on Cinema Box not working will help you at the time of need. Cinema Box is a perfect app to entertain all your demands, and you will never be disappointed with it, and if you are suffering any annoying issue, this article is there to rescue you!