Cartoon HD app not working

Cartoon HD is one of the most popular apps for entertainment. It is one of the world’s biggest online entertainment services which is nothing less than a paradise for the lovers of television shows, movies, and of course anime. This app lets you to watch cartoons, television series and movies too. But like all such apps of entertainment, these app users to have faced certain issues that they will not be able to solve on their own. Thus here we have decided to talk about some of those Cartoon HD not working issues.

Cartoon HD Features

  • Cartoon HD app offers users free streaming and downloading.
  • Latest releases from the cinema, including ones currently being shown in movie theatres
  • Cartoon HD remains a free app.
  • Easy interface

The given process is the simplest form to deal with the most of the problems those come through this app. Just go through this and try to solve the issue.

Cartoon HD Not Working: How-to Fix The Issues

  1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time Settings and disable ‘Set Automatically.’
  2. First set the date to May 30, 2014
  3. Then double tap the home button and then close Cartoon HD by sliding it up
  4. Now start Cartoon HD, and it should work now

If this is not enough, then go with the specific problem and try to solve them. Here we are discussing some of them:

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Slow downloading or Buffering Issue

One evident problem is slower downloading or buffering while streaming. But there is a solution too. If you reduce the video quality, then the problem can be fixed for the moment, and when your internet gets faster, you can start watching them again in the better quality. You can try this solution out.

Cache Problem

At times the app does not work perfectly. This happens mostly to the people who use the website version and have been using it for a long time. So, when you clear the cache from the browser, it reduced the load and your videos will start working again and you can continue your home entertainment.

Last words

Cartoon HD is one of the most attractive apps for all the cartoon lovers. But interesting factor is this app has not restricted itself with cartoons only and thus here you will get latest movies, anime and television series too. But like every other app, this app too goes through certain issues. Here we have tried to solve different Cartoon HD not working issue which we face frequently. Hope this article and the solutions will be beneficial to you.