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Tekken 8 Wishlist: Features Which Will Make The Great Game Even Greater

Tekken 8 game wishlist

Even great games sometimes need a helping hand. It is true of the Tekken 8 game as well. Every now and then, a really great game does come along and we cannot say enough of the Tekken franchise as it is. It is an utter joy to present this fan made Tekken 8 wishlist which will, hopefully, make the game a better one overall. This wishlist features all the things that we expect in no particular order.

Tekken 8 Wishlist: Best Features We Expect

Tekken is a great fighting game and it has plenty of space for new features. The new features may include the following.

  • More characters may come in but some of the old ones must return too: This idea stems from the fact that two main things drive the users into playing predictable games. One is the new experiences which are offered and the other is nostalgia. To stimulate the nostalgia factor, you must be able to use the older characters which had populated the game. This is an absolute must.
Tekken 8 wishlist
Tekken 8 wishlist features
  • Story expansion mode: So that the players have access to better roles. Roles are defined traditionally by the back stories. And what better back story can there be other than the well-developed character arcs. Arcs can be used to develop better characters overall as well. The sole objective is to ensure that the players are glued to their online avatars.
  • Flashier graphics: Graphics are the lifelines of any good game. So why should the Tekken 8 wishlist be devoid of one? Better blood and other details will help the game in a way which we cannot even imagine. In the end, we would also like to mention that while the Tekken franchise has greatly benefitted from what has considerably been good graphics, it would certainly do them no harm to make them even better.
  • Easier gameplay: Gaming is a multitasking business. Hence, it stands to reason that the gaming experience is made as light on the hands as possible. This can be done through a variety of ways. For example, you can now choose, perhaps, to make the key combinations used for a specific move in a manner which do not strain the fingers while using a gaming console.
  • VR incorporation: Virtual Reality or VR is the future of gaming and we would absolutely love better VR implementation.


In case you are a fan of the Tekken franchise, you can check out our Tekken 8 wishlist which is updated regularly. Also, do not forget to play the Tekken 7 game religiously, for it is the main key to better gaming on the next entry in the franchise as well.


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FIFA 18: What new changes are to be brought in the Career Mode?

FIFA 18 to have a lot of new changes

EA Sports’ football-based video game is not only one of the finest sports-based video game but also is the most successful game series. With the most awaited trailer, FIFA has been on every fan’s mind. The trailer too got unveiled, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover star of the upcoming FIFA 18. Now that September is knocking at the door, excitement among FIFA addicts is arising with anticipation of the release of FIFA in September over the globe.

In this article, our focus will be pinpointed on the Career Mode of the game. Ever since the game was revealed in the year 1990, the Career Mode has been a mainstay of the FIFA series. Career features in the game take charges of players’ as well as manage it in any way which also includes of making transfers. Despite the detailing, Career Mode has some glitches. We have discovered and listed those wrinkles in the FIFA game; which needs to be ironed out for a flawless experience in FIFA 18 Career Mode.

First of all, EA needs to improve the player aging process which sometimes is harsh enough for a player who is on the wrong side of 30. To further improvisation of the game, FIFA developers needs to avail their players with decline mechanisms to be more realistic.

Second Career Mode feature provides players to live a life of that of a manager and also can take charge of a renowned football club. A part of the job profile is the pressure received from the press. But dealing with the press, when you are a manager, it is just not a matter of joke; and FIFA players do have the right to experience the real life of a manager, especially when they are into FIFA world. The press interactions, no doubt have become a primary factor of FIFA, what lacks behind is the Manager Mode by dynamic options and reactions which are present in the Journey mode.

Third, serious gamers spend night and day in building their desired teams, aiming for the continental and world domination. After some online sessions the novelty wears off, and the teams of players strengthened with world class signings; while on the contrary, other teams are heavily depleted that leads to one-sided contests. With the addition of a new feature that’d allow gamers to pit their squads will possibly lend a new lease of life concerning the Career Mode.

Monumental success of the FIFA series is measured by the fact that the game is played by global audiences including smartphones to the high-end gaming consoles like that of Xbox as well as PS4. FIFA could offer different leagues that are not a part as of now, like the Indian Super League or even the Chinese Super League that represent the third of the population of the world in their catchment area.

Wrap Up… Now that gamers have witnessed the trailer, Ronaldo fans are all the more excited for FIFA 18 game. Three edition have also been highlighted which are the Icon Edition, the Ronaldo Edition, and the Standard Edition. Over the world, FIFA 18 is going to release on the September 29 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch as well as PS3.

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